E3Point is distinguished
by intelligent product design.
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Strobe / Buzzer

Strobes and Horns

  • On-board device generates audible output of 85 dBA@ 10 ft (3m).
  • Includes type STAS for 24V AC, FHS-240 for 24 V DC or STACKSTAS for 120 Vac. Strobe & Horn unit operates within relative humidity ranges of 0-100% and temperature ranges of -30 degrees F to 150 degrees F (-35C to 66C).
  • Rating of horn is no less than 72dBA at 10 feet. Intensity of light exceeds 40W and will flash at a frequency of 1 per second.
Sensor Cartidge

Factory-Calibrated Replacement Cartridge

  • Works right out of the box through simple plug-n-play installation/operation. Stretch your dollar by getting the full service life of the sensor.
    • Install the main unit separately; then, add sensors during commissioning
  • Configures/self-tests automatically at start-up.
  • Monitors practically all toxic and combustible gases found in building environments.
    • Electrochemical cells monitor Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Oxygen;
    • Catalytic bead sensors monitor Hydrogen, Methane and Propane.
  • Compensates for variations in humidity (5-95% non-condensing) and temperatures (-40 to 122F except Carbon Monoxide -20 to 122F) for superior monitoring performance.
Tamper-Proof Screws

Tamper-Resistant Screws

  • Protects against unauthorized removal of E3Point.
  • Screws can be placed or removed only with aid of a special bit driver (included, available exclusively from Honeywell Analytics) providing added security for installation and maintenance of your life safety system.
Duck Mount Kit

Wall or Duct Mount

  • Wall mount unit is designed with special spacers on the back to allow moisture to flow behind the housing without affecting the unit.
  • Mounting holes located inside the unit facilitate installation.
  • Duct mount option is suitable for air convection currents between 500-4000 ft/minute.
  • Duct mount kit features a custom box with all internal components factory assembled (assembly cover, assembly base, air intake and exhaust tubes, plug for air intake tube).